Beats Space 3D Leap demo

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Beats Space 3D is a gestural and spatial drumkit using the Leap and 3D stereoscopic visuals. Players can create their own drum pads by drawing basic geometries with their fingers, each recognized shape represents a different sound and visual element,

2013 oh so gestural!

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some years ago Oblong amazed the whole world with their Minority Report style interactions – actually Oblong’s founder John Underkoffler consulted for the movie interaction and digital technology (have you seen his talk at TED Conference?). NOt much further in

Intel Perceptual Computing SDK – Demo 001: Hands and Fingers!

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This past September Intel’s perceptual computing group announced the beta version of its SDK together with Interactive Gesture Camera, a small sized depth sensing camera produced by Creative Labs not much bigger than a webcam and focused on close range

Touch Surfaces Galore

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Along with touch-based handheld electronics (iphone + tablets), larger multi-touch tables, displays and surfaces have grown in popularity over the past few years.  Commonly used in museums, kiosks, exhibit design, and other public installations, large touch-based displays offer new ways

The potential of E-ink and Flexible Displays

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E-ink technology has been around for a few years now and even quite ubiquitous give the millions of Kindles and other E-readers out there.