How to Record 3D in 3D

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The other day we were playing with our Labs new Passive LG 3D TV and our 3D video Camera (Sony HDR-T10) and I wondered “Can we record 3D in 3D?”. So we took a pair of Real3D glasses taken home

Android: The Future Everything

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I just returned from a trip out west for O’Riley’s Android Open conference. The conference was not just about Android mobile devices. It was about the entire ecosystem of technology that exists around Android from open source, to hardware, to

Open Hardware Comes to NYC

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On September 15th, leaders, community members, and fans of open source hardware will convene at the New York Hall of Science for the second annual Open Hardware Summit.

Creative Coding’s Golden Age

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It’s a good time to be a creative coder. The medium (roughly defined as the creation of realtime audio-visual presentations on a computer) has its roots in the demoscene and goes back as early as the 1950s. It is rapidly growing

Art+Hack Weekend

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I spent the last two days participating in The Creator’s Project Art + Hack Weekend at Eyebeam‘s Center for Art & Technology. The event brought together over 50 developers, hackers, artists, and designers to “design, code and prototype projects that

The new definition of Hacking

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I had been working on a long post about Hackerspaces and what it means to Make things, but along comes this video that does a much better job. Something is changing: Software people making mechanical objects and Mechanical people playing