Android: The Future Everything

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I just returned from a trip out west for O’Riley’s Android Open conference. The conference was not just about Android mobile devices. It was about the entire ecosystem of technology that exists around Android from open source, to hardware, to

The future of gaming

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People love winning points. Playing games, once the territory of adolescent boys living in their parents’ basement, has long since become the mainstream. The rise of casual gaming, driven by social media and mobile platforms, has completely transformed the landscape

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform

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Want to launch a product or achieve your creative vision, but don’t have the funds? is a crowdfunding platform where designers, filmmakers, artists, inventors and other creative people can request funding for their latest projects. Visitors to the website

The new definition of Hacking

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I had been working on a long post about Hackerspaces and what it means to Make things, but along comes this video that does a much better job. Something is changing: Software people making mechanical objects and Mechanical people playing

Geekery is the star of new ad trend


Over the last few weeks a trend has emerged. Geeks as the heroes of some mainstream ads; from mounting camera phones on a helicopter, high powered rocketry to a home brew space camera. I’ve been wondering when “DYI/Maker” culture would