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We’ve been playing with data retrieval for dynamic visualizations and passioned about local weather data, so we decided to explore the weatherbug API to retrieve local weather data and to make it even simpler we made a drop-dead easy openframeworks

Beats Space 3D Leap demo

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Beats Space 3D is a gestural and spatial drumkit using the Leap and 3D stereoscopic visuals. Players can create their own drum pads by drawing basic geometries with their fingers, each recognized shape represents a different sound and visual element,

Intel Perceptual Computing SDK – Demo 001: Hands and Fingers!

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This past September Intel’s perceptual computing group announced the beta version of its SDK together with Interactive Gesture Camera, a small sized depth sensing camera produced by Creative Labs not much bigger than a webcam and focused on close range

sketching Interactive Lighting [ofxDmxUtils]

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here’s a quick demo of some of our adventures with DMX lighting and Interaction. DMX is a communication protocol used for most of the shows and we got a hold of it together with some led par fixtures and moving

P2P NFC Demo

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A brief demo of using NFC (Near Field Communication) with the new Nexus S phone from Google.