sketching Interactive Lighting [ofxDmxUtils]

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here’s a quick demo of some of our adventures with DMX lighting and Interaction. DMX is a communication protocol used for most of the shows and we got a hold of it together with some led par fixtures and moving

Ad Forum 2012 Havas Worldwide event

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Ad Forum 2012 Havas Worldwide AdForum Event in New York. MadSci Labs developed a set of interactive games for the AdForum event, exploring technologies such as Kinect, Multitouch, object recognition, RFID and projection Mapping. The referees were also able to

Smart Passes at Vimeo Festival

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For this year’s Vimeo Festival, MadSci partnered with NYU Vimeo Fellows and some of Vimeo’s developers to create a “Smart Pass” system. The system uses NFC technology that the lab is constantly innovating. With your pass Vimeo Smart Pass you

First MadSci Labs Class

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We held our first MadSci Labs internal class last Thursday: Introduction to physical computing with the Arduino. Fourteen or so creatives,  interactive motion developers and web developers spent a few hours learning all about the Arduino platform. Thanks to Michael