Kinect Body Scanner

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Creating full body scans using the Kinect or other depth cameras is well worn territory, however after attending the Inside 3D Printing Expo earlier this year, and trying out The Great Fredini’s fine 3D scanning booth, we decided to build

Controlling Light with 3d printed light pipes

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Disney Research began developing the technology to 3d print curved display surfaces using a special translucent filament for embedded fiber optic like strands. Curved 3d optic displays can both display information and sense touch. See the video below from Disney:

Periscope and Drones

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The day after Twitter released their live video streaming app Periscope we thought maybe we could be the first ones to Periscope from a drone. A quick search found:    “Someone should Periscope from a drone!”    and then   

Desktop 3D Is All the Rage

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Desktop 3D Is All the Rage According to Gartner’s 2011 Hype Cycle Special Report, 3D Printing is nearing the Peak of Inflated Expectations. IANAA (I Am Not An Analyst) but it definitely seems like public interest in the field is

Will you just “print” some of your future things vs buy them?

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20 years ago we had revolution in the world of print. Where once it was complicated and expensive to design and produce a printed page, tools like Adobe Pagemaker and laser printers made it easy. The world of design and