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Multiple NCF Readers

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Download the code or see the schematic For a recent lab project, we needed to be able to read NFC tags from 12 readers at once. Strong Link makes affordable NFC readers that use I2C communication. The model we use is the SL018 which Marc

Smart Passes at Vimeo Festival

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For this year’s Vimeo Festival, MadSci partnered with NYU Vimeo Fellows and some of Vimeo’s developers to create a “Smart Pass” system. The system uses NFC technology that the lab is constantly innovating. With your pass Vimeo Smart Pass you

Welcome to the Lab

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MadSci Labs is a hackerspace within Havas WorldWide-New York, an industry leading advertising agency. The goal of MadSci Labs is to explore emerging technologies through developing in-house demos. Each project explores a specific technology and moves us towards building scalable products

The Android Game Changer

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NO it doesn’t have 200 new features, and a 10 mega pixel camera, 7x faster graphics YES it is capable of wifi, bluetooth, and 3G YES it has an accelerometer, compass, and a camera for video and still YES it

Android: The Future Everything

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I just returned from a trip out west for O’Riley’s Android Open conference. The conference was not just about Android mobile devices. It was about the entire ecosystem of technology that exists around Android from open source, to hardware, to

Checkin Station

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The RFID Checkin System aims to make the act of checking in a more streamlined and social process. It uses RFIDs to checkin to location services such as FourSquare, Google Latitude, and Gowalla. Interacting with these services by checking in

Light as a Medium

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Using light as a medium dates back to Man Rays Light Painting Photography in the 1930’s. You can find a good history of light painting here. One of my favorite contemporary light painting artist is Janne Parviainen who does an

Every Move You Make

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We live in a world increasingly determined by data. From the people you meet (Facebook), to the food you eat (Yelp), to the things you buy (Amazon). Each of these services uses complex statistical analysis of your choices to try

Art+Hack Weekend

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I spent the last two days participating in The Creator’s Project Art + Hack Weekend at Eyebeam‘s Center for Art & Technology. The event brought together over 50 developers, hackers, artists, and designers to “design, code and prototype projects that

Technology + Altered States

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Humans have an intrinsic fascination with altered states of mind and body whether it’s induced by meditation, drugs, physical exertion or some other technique. Recently, new ways of experiencing altered states have been discovered through the use of technology. Binaural