Periscope and Drones

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The day after Twitter released their live video streaming app Periscope we thought maybe we could be the first ones to Periscope from a drone. A quick search found:
“Someone should Periscope from a drone!”
and then
“Hey guys – I just taped my phone to a drone and i’m periscoping from it!”.
Not the first, but it was an opportunity to make use of our new 3D printer and actually fly our drone outside of the lab, and we ventured on.
Step #1 was to design and 3D print an adjustable iphone bracket for the Dji Phantom (now on Thingaverse) :




One challenge was Periscope requiring the phone to be positioned in portrait mode: this made the phone hang below the landing supports. Our solution was a rubber band which would bring the phone into position once the drone lifted from the ground:


We headed down to Hudson River Park for our inaugural flight.

A video posted by suengo (@suengo) on

All was good … until flying into a tree … and breaking the drone and phone bracket.  

Video from Periscope available below:


Telling ourselves this was part of the process we replaced the broken roters, reprinted the phone bracket at a higher density, and headed out again. This time we embarked from an empty soccer field at Pier 40 in lower Manhattan, giving us a little more room to make mistakes.

Video Apr 14, 1 34 40 PM from MadSci on Vimeo.

Full flight video from Periscope here:

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