NYC Perceptual Hackathon

The Lab was an early adopter and supporter of Intel’s Perceptual Computing SDK (check our Hand and Finger synthesizer!) so we couldn’t be happier to partner with the Perceptual Computing Group and host NYC’s first Perceptual Hackathon!

NYC’s Perceptual Hackathon will happen on June 29th through the 30th at Havas Worldwide HQ.

Registration is open!

Create innovative applications using natural human interfaces such as gestures, hand and finger tracking, speech recognition and facial tracking.
Use the Intel&#174 Perceptual Computing SDK and the Creative&#174 Interactive Gesture Camera Kit to fast track your development of application prototypes.
Use your imagination and show us your vision for the future of computing and interaction!

You provide:
&#176 Windows compatible machine, ideas and a vision of the future
&#176 Agile fingers and Creative Coding skills (C/C++, OpenFrameworks, Cinder, Processing, Unity)

We’ll provide:
&#176 Hardware support, i.e.Creative&#174 Interactive Gesture Camera Kit
&#176 Engineering support
&#176 Food, beverages and a fun time!

Grand Prize for the best Hackathon project: Lenovo Yoga 11S !

Learn more about Intel’s Perceptual Computing Group:

Also, don’t forget to check Perceptual Computing’s amazing knowledge repository for examples and add-ons for all the greatest creative coding platforms and start playing around with code and ideas!

p.s. Don’t forget to apply to Intel’s Perceptual Challenge!

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