Remote Presence Platform

Remote Presence Experiments from MadSci on Vimeo.

The Madsci “Remote Presence” platform is a Lab research project to explore quick, inexpensive, and easy deploying of remote-controlled interactions.

Servos, motors, actuators, etc are controlled remotely via web browser.

The project is developed with RaspberryPi and uses Spacebrew.  We are developing two pieces:

A RaspberryPi based hardware unit, enabling control of 16 servos and 4 AC relays, as well as a web cam.

A Javascript client, allowing for dynamic creation of control widgets.

Communication between  the two pieces is enabled by Spacebrew.

All code will be made available very soon …


(original platform concept by Lab Alumni Chuck Fletcher. Cat toy inspired by “LaserCats” concept by Eric Brown and Adam Lassy)

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