Exciting tech from CES 2013

Like any responsible geeks, we have been watching the streams for new stuff from CES, and we haven’t been disappointed. Here are just a few things that got us excited for great new tech in 2013:


Brookstone and Lilliputian to introduce fuel cell battery that lasts for 2 weeks of power (10-14 phone charges) from a $9 recyclable capsule, I wish I had one of these during Hurricane Sandy. I would have gladly paid for several of the $9 pods.


Vuzix augmented reality glasses to compete with Google Glass:


Internet of things is taking off with these three announcements:

Expanding on the Wemo consumer friendly home control system, they have added a cool light switch:

HipKey is a bluetooth tethering token. Will help you keep from losing your iphone or a device you attach it to. This is similar to the Tod Beacon or the Stick&Find projects that will be releasing products soon:


While this might seem ridiculous at first viewing, it’s a great example of how the Internet of Things will start to change how we think about common objects:


Ultra HD resolution is a big topic at CES, with several 4k resolution TVs being announced. Ultra HD is 4 times the resolution of HD, and there are also 8k resolution sets on the way (Sixteen times HD):


It will take a while but 4K content is coming as content producers are re-releasing Ultra HD resolution blue-ray and most of the sets have Ultra HD upscaling converters.

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