Smart Passes at Vimeo Festival

For this year’s Vimeo Festival, MadSci partnered with NYU Vimeo Fellows and some of Vimeo’s developers to create a “Smart Pass” system. The system uses NFC technology that the lab is constantly innovating. With your pass Vimeo Smart Pass you could checkin to any of the screenings, panels, and workshops throughout the festival. This allowed festival attendees to receive followup information specifically targeted at the events they attended.

Another feature of the Smart Pass was the ability for two festival attendees to link up through Vimeo’s social network simply by tapping both of your Smart Passes at designated “Friending” kiosks. The Smart Pass was also your token to playing at the Vimeo Arcade- a 100ft x 10ft retro video game experience.

The debut of the checkin system was a huge success with over 4000 checkins over two days. MadSci had an incredible time working with the Vimeo team and is looking forward to expanding the checkin system at other festivals and events.

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