How to Record 3D in 3D

The other day we were playing with our Labs new Passive LG 3D TV and our 3D video Camera (Sony HDR-T10) and I wondered “Can we record 3D in 3D?”. So we took a pair of Real3D glasses taken home from the movie theater, cut them up and made a little pair of glasses for our Sony 3D camcorder. It worked, sure there is some loss of quality, but the camera totally captures a 3D image from the 3D source.

So the next thought was – OK this is kinda bulky, would this same effect work on a 3D Phone like the HTC EVO 3D or LG Thrill?

So we bought an HTC EVO 3D to test it out (Thanks to Best Buy for their generous return policy), and a case to mount the lenses on.

Here is the process, its pretty easy:

Take a pair of Real 3D glasses and break off the back without kinking the lenses.

Take the lenses out of the frames. Make sure you don’t mix them up, it will ruin the 3D effect.

Cut the lenses so that they will fit in your case, and try to center the edges between the two cameras so they won’t be seen by the cameras.

Tape down the lenses so they won’t move around when you put the case on the phone.

Press down with a microfiber cloth to smooth out the lenses from the outside.


Yup that works too.

The image is in 3D when viewed through the glasses-less 3D display on the Evo 3D.

Without the lenses the image on the phone isn’t 3D and you can see the doubled up image just like on the TV without the glasses.

Here is some video, it’s not 3D but you’ll get the idea.

Don’t use this technique to pirate 3d movies in a movie theater. That’s illegal.

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