The Android Game Changer

NO it doesn’t have 200 new features, and a 10 mega pixel camera, 7x faster graphics
YES it is capable of wifi, bluetooth, and 3G
YES it has an accelerometer, compass, and a camera for video and still
YES it only weighs 110 grams (50% less than iPhone)
YES it runs Android 2.2

But here’s the crazy part: it only costs $70 (no contract) and has unlimited voice, text, and web on MetroPCS for only $40/month.

Why is this phone a game changer? Since being on the market, it has sold more that 350,000 units in Kenya alone. This phone could be the key to push the internet penetration over the 50% mark for Africans. Not only is access to the internet tremendously important to the growth of these 3rd world countries, the tools and development platform that are inherent to the Android devices are priceless. Events like Android Developer Challenge — Sub-Saharan Africa are a great way to empower these communities to take hold of this technology and find uses that adress core issues in areas like health, education, and infrastructure.

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