Lunch and Learn – Near Field Communications (AKA NFC) Wed, August 31

To kick off our new MadSci Labs Lunch and Learn sessions, we are going to peer into the new world of Near Field Communications (NFC).

NFC allows devices to communicate with “tags” or other NFC devices (like enabled smartphones) when they are in very close proximity.

This can be used to create mobile phone tap-able “smart print”, share contacts, speed up WIFI configuration or eventually create a fully digital secure “wallet” with your phone.

We will discuss the current Google Wallet trial, the Isis NFC payments consortium and some cool apps that are already leveraging NFC now.

Best of all we will be premiering our first MadSci Labs product – The “Checkin Station” and “Checkin Pod” which allow you to link a tag or NFC enabled smartphone to your Foursquare account and let you Check-in by just tapping.

These devices are skin-able for our client’s brands and the system is scalable enough to support a large event, with multiple Check-in locations.

Hope to see you there.

12 noon – Wed. August 31st in the 7th Floor common Area

Pizza will be provided.

This event is for Euro NY Staff only. Comment or email us if you are interested in us holding an event that is open to the public.

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