Creating content for 3D TVs – Using Blender and Flash

We have been experimenting with creating 3D content for our new 65″ LG Passive 3D TV. It’s easier than you might think.

The easiest format is side by side compressed. This requires creating 2 still or animated images that are next to each other and compressed 50%. We have found that we can reliably create images and animations with a nice 3D effect.

We have been using the Open Source 3D software called Blender 2.5 which has a plugin to create stereo 3D images and animations. This functionality is available in other 3D programs like Maya and 3D Studio too.

Once you have your 3D content, you can play it on your TV either from an attached PC or using your TVs file playback capabilities and a USB connection(if it has one).

Creating 3D content in Flash
We were also able to create interactive 3D content using Adobe Flash, AS3 and away 3D by creating side by side compressed rendering windows with a slight camera offset. This really worked well and we are excited to create more interactive 3D content for clients.

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