Art+Hack Weekend

I spent the last two days participating in The Creator’s Project Art + Hack Weekend at Eyebeam‘s Center for Art & Technology. The event brought together over 50 developers, hackers, artists, and designers to “design, code and prototype projects that re-imagine the way we create, consume, and interact with media”. I worked with my friend, James George as well as Logan Best, Helen Mair, Maria Mendez, Juan Miller, Caitlin Morris to create Free Fall High Score, the first of a line of antagonistic mobile device apps. The game encourages you to drop your device from high places in order to achieve the longest duration of free fall. The app records a video of the fall and uploads it to the global competition page. We prototyped the app on iPhone and test it out by dropping our iPhones off the High Line park platform (Until we got asked to stop by Parks n’ Rec).

I think my favorite part of the weekend was going out to record demo videos by tossing our iPhones off the High Line (video below). We even ended up getting let into a studio on the 14th floor of a building in Chelsea, but ended up not dropping our phone after our “coin test” ended up 50ft from the predicted location.

There was some fantastic competition from other teams at the hackathon, including “Send to Receive”, a generative video projection that responded to SMS and “Dis-kinect”, a physical puppet controlled by a kinect interface. Read more about the competition and outcomes here.

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