The potential of E-ink and Flexible Displays

E-ink technology has been around for a few years now and even quite ubiquitous give the millions of Kindles and other E-readers out there.

It’s miserly battery use and light weight have allowed one trick pony e-readers to survive in a world getting dominated by more powerful tablets.

The technology behind E-ink continues to evolve with color, video and the possibility of embedding E-ink on fabric and clothing.
Color E-ink

Embedded in products and clothing

Flexible display technology
The other interesting innovation is flexible displays using AMOLED. These screens are highly flexible and light.

New User interfaces based on bendable and foldable displays

Researchers are looking into how to leverage flexible displays and add new interfaces. In this video a team has added bend sensors to a flexible E-ink display, and tested it with users.

Now imagine that experience with one of the high resolution AMOLED color displays, that could be really amazing and might be right around the corner.

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  1. Bryan Keller

    So totally cool. Also, anything that keeps a battery going longer: do want.

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