5 reasons WebGL will be a huge deal

What’s WebGL? It’s a new feature of some HTML5 enabled browsers to display 3D imagery, animation and even games.

Here is a sample:

That isn’t a video we are looking at, its a fully interactive 3D race car. I’m driving it using keys on my keyboard.

5 Reasons it will be a big deal:

1. Major Browser Support
It’s already built into Chrome and Firefox 4.0, and it is in the Safari developer builds (beta). You can try a demo for yourself using Chrome or Firefox 4.0:
click here.

2. Doesn’t require a plugin
Only a few plugins (like flash) ever found major adoption. There have been many 3D plugins for browsers over the years but none of them ever took off.

3. Can be programmed with only JavaScript
Lots of developers know JavaScript and while 3D programming can be pretty complex, it will make 3D coding more accessible to the masses. Also some libraries like Three.js and GLGE make it even easier to program 3D experiences for WebGL enabled browsers.

4. Will soon run on Ipad, Iphone and Android.
With WebGL already working on development builds of Webkit (the base platform for Ipad, Android and Iphone web browsers) there isn’t any reason this can’t be ported to mobile devices and use the native 3D graphics chips that make IOS games like Infinity Blade so nice.

5. People love 3D Games
Up until now to get a 3D game in your browser you had to use proprietary plugins like Unity. This may spawn dozens of new 3D games that could become the next Halo or Quake.

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  1. Charlie Douglas

    Just found a few cool experiments and one really awesome more polished project (using webgl and real data) by superfad:


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